Dr. Robert Eschbach

Dr. Robert Eschbach works at ITK Engineering AG as Senior Consultant for Systems Engineering and Software Engineering, with a focus on Software Quality, Software Development Processes, Formal Specification, Formal Verification, Model-based Testing, and Project Management. 
He works in different industrial sector like automotive, commercial vehicles, agricultural sector, medical device sector, and rail. He has a broad expertise for regulatory requirements in these sectors, as well as practical experiences in process improvement (SPICE, CMMI, TPI). 
Formerly, he was the Embedded Systems Quality Assurance department head at the software engineering research institute Fraunhofer IESE, where he was mainly engaged in projects with safety-critical systems. His research in software and systems engineering centered on formal methods, modeling theory, model-based testing, dependability engineering and software process improvement. 
Dr. Eschbach has been a principal investigator in numerous research and industrial development projects, including the standardization of an important formal description technique for the telecommunication sector. He is the author of more than 70 refereed publications and has given more than 60 industrial talks at different important industrial workshops and conferences. Dr. Eschbach earned his Ph.D. in Informatics on the topic formal specification and verification techniques at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.




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